The Book

All people want to have life spans as long as, or longer than, their parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents. They also want to ensure the survival of the next generation. Yet the food and beverages they consume are causing their health and their children’s health to deteriorate prematurely. The problem is simple: my clients’ palates are conditioned to crave unhealthy food. However, the solution for better health and longevity is much more complicated: they need to want to eat what’s good for them.

Eat Real Food and Love It attempts to assist you in making a paradigm shift from eating to please your brain to reclaiming the desire to consume what nature produces. Studies show there is an axis between your gut (digestive tract) and brain; therefore, nourishing your gut will help your brain think better. If you want to get and stay healthy but find yourself craving foods and beverages that cause weight gain or affect your health negatively, know you can learn how to crave what’s good for you. You are designed to consume nature’s foods and beverages. Your body knows how to do it.